Here's a few photographs to give you a snapshot into our lives and some of the beautiful gifts we have to offer here at Marmalade Meringue.

  • Ampersand Wine Rack Ampersand
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    Wine Rack /Ampersand/

    Amazing Ampersand Wine Rack; we could soon fill this up...and empty it again!

  • Elephant Ring Holder Rain
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    Rainy Day /Ring Holder/

    Saving for a rainy day? How pretty is this money boxand we love these elephant ring holders too!

  • TV News TV
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    TV /News/

    Hinckley was shortlisted as one of the best High Streets in Britain and we were interviewed on BBC Midlands Today!

  • Retas Retas
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    Retas /Awards/

    We were thrilled to be nominated in the Retas Awards; best greeting card supplier Midlands and Wales!

  • Window Displays Window
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    Window /Displays/

    We just love creating beautiful window displays, this is one of our faves and kept stopping passers-by in their tracks!

  • The Greats 2013 Greats 2013
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    The Greats /2013/

    After reaching the final in 2012, we once again found ourselves down in London and we won!!!